Our Vision

Our Vision/Mission Statement: 

To Be Rich In Every Way


Teaching kids to be RICH in every way.

When we turn on the television, we see that we are losing are kids daily.  It is very important that we teach them responsibilities in and out of the home. 

#401RICHYOUTH will enlighten our youth in the following skills:

1.    Identity

2.    Self-Esteem

3.    Empowerment

4.    Peer Pressure

5.    Finance



Guidelines for Leaders and volunteers 

• Adults and youth will be equally responsible for performing assigned tasks in a timely and cooperative manner.

• Leaders will be respectful, encouraging, and will maintain a positive attitude toward others at all times,   

Leaders will be respectful, encouraging, and will always maintain a positive attitude toward others, regardless of spiritual differences.

• Leaders will be respectful of both common spaces and the property of others.

• Leaders will avoid the use of foul language, cursing, or any speech (including “humor”) which  puts down, makes fun of, or stereotypes other persons or groups.

Membership Fees

  • Leaders must be an active Richway Member 1 Star Achiever
  • Membership Fee must be paid prior to conducting any 401RichEvent 
  • Fee is $59.99 (Non Refundable)


POC: Tanya Burnett @ 401RichYouth@gmail.com

  • Director: Brian Street
  • Adm Director: Irene Tryon


· NO use of logos, #401RichYouth website content, marketing material, etc. is allowed unless given written permission from the Directors



  • 401Richyouth is not a nonprofit or charitable event.  If other organizations are willing to support your event, we accept sponsorship on behalf of a youth who is registered to attend an event.
  •  This is not a donatable tax write-off. It is a business expense for IRS purpose.
  • All sponsors or supporters will be directed to the website to submit payment. No monies will ever exchange hands among leaders to represent or support #401RichYouth sponsorships.


POC: Tanya Burnett @ 401RichYouth@gmail.com

Youth Benefits


Youth Participants Benefits:

· Each youth ages 9 to 17 will receive #401’RICH Collection, documents, support system

  • Items included are T-shirts, pencils, journals and more (based upon locations) 

· No refunds allowed if unable to attend. Payment can be used for another event or location. 

· Transferable to another youth is permissible with adult/guardian authorization/release form will be signed and witnessed.

Leaders will be responsible for all ages and should plan accordingly.  Parents are expected to be present at all times to avoid injury,  liability issues or any other uncontrollable behavior.

Membership Benefits


Group Membership Benefits: The Richway Membership is required.

· The RichWay Members will pay an annual fee to host #401RichYouth of $59.99 (Per Year) from the date of enrollment.

· The RichWay Members who pay for annual membership for #401RichYouth will receive (Discounts on #401’RICH Collection, documents, support system)

· No refunds Allowed

· All hosts/leaders are required to attend at least one  conference.

· #401RichYouth Guidelines underlying the 5 topics of discussion:

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